Friday, February 16, 2007

China's Satellite Busting Missile 2

January 22, 2007 | 01:40 PM
China's Satellite Busting Missile 2

If China decided to take out all the satellites in the Earth's orbit, you would be late for your party. The geosat that gives u directions in your car would fail.You would not be able to call your friends....

.... asall cell phones would go dead. But then you would probably head home as the baby sitter could no longer call u. On the way u would face the most horrendous traffic jams as people would be trying to get home just like yourself. The terrestrial local radio would be issuing broadcasts asking people to calm down.

But panic would spread as the news comes that thousands of aircraft are flying with no navigation pointers left. Airport staff would be unable to communicate with them, and the airports will soon be full of crashed aircraft landing into one another.

A large number of people would settle for a night of sex as their would be no football, as Satellite TV would be off the air. The internet would no longer work anyway.

Large corporations would find their delivery systems and plans going to pieces. Expect your supermarket to run out of supplies as the supply chain breaks down. And as there is panic buying, you will have to walk to the stores as the roads will be clogged with cars that ran out of gas.

Government communication will break down, and most governments in the West will start shoring up for defense against imagined enemies rather than looking after their civilian population.

But for 40% of the Indian rural population nothing will have changed. The only hint they will get is that that the distant orange reflections of the lights from the nearest city on the clouds no longer exist. The power grids have shut down.

And one guy will come from the train station 10 miles away, to say that for some reason the train never came.

"Sheher mein koi lafda chall raha hai". He would say before he settled down for a cup of warm chai.


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