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Welcome to Eternity, bye bye Big Bang

August 21, 2006 | 05:59 PM
Welcome to Eternity, bye bye Big Bang
Have always struggled with the idea of the Universe actually having a 'begining' with the Big Bang and therefore by inference an 'end' ...

If the principles of Quantum Physics are to hold true, then surely time has absolutely no linear value. The concept of Timelesness is where the the new Quantum Theorists and the Spiritualists are finding common ground. In Eternity !

Now Neil Toruk, proffesor of applied mathematics and theoretical physics at cambridge university has expounded that there was no single Big Bang. But millions of them. But Toruk goes further, as the London Times reported :

"If Toruk and his colleagues are right it would mean that "Time, Matter and Energy have always existed, and always will". There is no singular point in time where we can say that he Universe was born. So there was no begining of Time and no end. Time therefore cannot travel in one straight linear line.

So welcome to Eternity. The search for a 'begining' and an 'end' to all things is just part of our attempt to reduce the universe to something that can be contained within our limited comprehensions. If nothing ever began, then how could it end ?

The Universe is just infinite eternal potential. Where all possibilities exist, have always existed and will forever exist.. and the the non-possibilities to these events also exist. The Universe is an infinite idea, of infinite potential and infinite possibilities.


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