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Nanotechnolgy 2

December 07, 2006 | 01:37 PM
Nanotechnolgy 2

This is a comment from Sasikanth, a Nanotechnologist at Cornell Unversity. It would be interesting to initiate a discussion on how this new technology will affect our daily iives in all spheres. Sasikant says "Sekhar, I am a nanotechnologist at Cornell University working on technologies. Being a nanotechnology researcher I think I have to comment on this post ......

I think nanotechnology could one day make the kind of recording that you are suggesting come true.

The computers and networks needed to process this kind of information are already being made in labs arnd US, enabled by nanotechnology.

Home network speeds approaching 1 Trillions bits per second (thats 1 followed by 12 zeros) will be common place by 2020. Such networks will be able to carry and allow processing of the immense volume of data from 3D sense augmented media.

Its heartening to see interest in these technologies from artists like you. For afterall, what technology creates is ultimately for better experiences for everyone, from classroom to movie theatre.

Sasikanth Manipatruni
Cornell University

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