Sunday, February 18, 2007

where, why, what, whom ?

August 13, 2005 | 07:12 PM
where, why, what, whom ?
feeling anxious,
am flying to LA tonight,
always anxious when I go there

LA is a city of temptation
but how can i curse it,
because temptation is only as effective as you are tempted,

but LA conjures a web around you,
makes you revel in illusion
and people live in some illusion of immortality
and i get caught up in that too

and though life in mumbai is so angst ridden
floods, disease, poverty, contradiction
uncomfortable, traffic jams
pollution - u name it

yet it reminds me every moment of the day
that I am mortal
and flawed
and just a particle in the universe

and that my sense of identity
is constantly challenged in mumbai

but inflated in LA

so I am anxious !!

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