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Paradise Now

April 30, 2006 | 12:34 AM
Paradise Now
Just when you had given up hope that the you will be able to see a film about the people that are written about as statistics by the Western Press, comes the brilliant film, Paradise Now ..

It is a moving, incisive and bold and intelligent film about two Palestinian friends that are moved by their lives in the occupied territories to go together on a suicide mission in Tel Aviv. Notice that I did not say 'recruited' as most of the sales blurb on the internet seems to suggest.

It is obvious that the two friends interpret their deaths as the only alternative to the loss of dignity they feel under foreign occupation. We may or may not agree. But the most stunning line in the film is "We don't have planes, the only weapon I have left is my Body".

It potrays people that go to suicide missions as intelligent, loving, caring and the thinking people. Not the demonic ideas we are fed with of people from a totally different mind set. Just a totally diffent envioroment. It will make you wonder whether in a different situation, and at a different time, and under the same pressure, you would have done the same.

The Directing is terrific. As are the performances.

And Kais Nashef as 'Sayeed', has turned out one of the best performances on film I have seen for a long time.

Go see this film,


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