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Shedding crocodile tears for Saddam

January 10, 2007 | 02:27 PM
Shedding crocodile tears for Saddam

So Tony blair and other leaders in UK and the US now condemn the hanging of Saddam Hussien and the way the trial was handled. Hang on...

... both hail the death sentence and say that the trial was just and fair ? Didn't the US forces deliver Saddam on the morning of the hanging ?

And wasn't the stated purpose of the invasion the elimination of Saddam Hussein (though less and less people are believing that now)

So why the crocodile tears now ? The coalition invasion forces could have easily stopped the hanging if they wanted to. What caught them all by suprise was the video, I guess. CNN and Time magaizine, amongst others reported that Saddam looked scared. Not to me he didn't. He seemed remarkably composed for a man that was about to have his neck jerked apart in a minute .

I am not standing up for Saddam. But I am sick and tired of the duplicity of the coalition forces in Iraq. What kind of schoolboy politicians run the US administration if they did not know about the differences between Shia and Sunni. What kind of schoolboy politicians really believed that Iraqi's would continue to welcome foreign invaders with open arms ? When was the last time any Arab nation lived comfortably under foreign rule ? Especially non islamic Western rule ?

Even if the US went to civil war, would the people of the US accept a foriegn Chinese (say) army come and attempt to bring peace ? Would they accept Chinese soldiers on American soil running the country ?

And then when Bush lost the majority, the world celeberated. Everyone hoped this was the end of the occupation of Iraq. But now there is talk of even more troops.

Let's face it. The US and the UK are in for a long haul. They can't leave and they can't stay. They cannot win in Iraq, for there cannot be any defined goalposts any more. Saddam is dead. There are no weapons of mass destruction. But the coalition forces have fostered a civil war that is taking more lives than Saddam ever did. They do not know how to end the Civil War.

Maybe they have no desire to. Perhaps both the Uk and US want to stay on in Iraq. Perhaps they want to increase and have a permanent presence there. After all, who cares about the lives of over half a million Iraqi civilians that died after the invasion.

Not in face of the politcs of Oil.

And I do not shed a even a crocodile tear for Saddam Hussein. I just hate Colonization under any pretext.


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