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February 01, 2007 | 05:43 AM

Heard on the grapevine that when the producers and distributors of the film 'Queen' saw the final product, they did not think the film good enough to release in the theatres, so initially decided to release the film straight to Video .....

Obviously better sense prevailed and the film was released gaining substantial box office numbers and a great number of awards and Oscar nominations. And this promises to be the year of Helen Mirren.

Just shows how much people who own the production and distribution bussineses are out of touch with audiences and the art of telling stories.

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Hmm...that's interesting Shekhar!

But does that mean that Directors do care about their audience as equally as telling stories...I think this is a very important question try to answer it!

1. Posted by Sheetal Peta on February 01, 2007

sheetal, what I do is try and connect to my own inner feelings and subconscious and hope that in doing that I am connected to the subconsciouss and heart of the audience. Thats the only way I know. Otherwise I am analysing the audience and then making the film. If tahtw as a true, a computer can make a film or write a poem !

It's becoming more difficult these days as film makeing is getting more and more corporatiszed. Their is now a heiarchy of judgement over your film before it ever gets to the audience. And so you are somewhere being asked to make a film that will first impress individuals that run the pruduction/distribution companies and the studios,


2. Posted by shekhar on February 01, 2007

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