Friday, February 16, 2007

A mother's letter from Noida

January 07, 2007 | 09:31 PM
A mother's letter from Noida

I was told that they found my daughter's body. Not the whole body, just the legs, arms and severed head. The agony now ends. For a year I have been begging the police to help find her. They would humiliate us, and sneer. " She must have run away with a boy" they laughed.

My daughter was 9 years old when she went missing....

I am told that her body was cut up surgically. I pray that she felt no pain. I pray that whoever took her away from us, had atleast taekn such innocent lives with some compassion.

But I can't help imagining her screams as they took the knife to her. May God forgive them, but I do not have any forgiveness left in me.

I am told they took her kidneys. I want to meet the child that has her kidneys. I want to bless her. It's not that child's fault. But I want to meet the doctors, the hospitals, the airlines that carried my child's kidneys and ask them :

"Did u think once about the innocent life you took so callously ?" I want to ask the policemen that helped them. " Does a life mean nothing to you just because we are poor ?"

Now every politician comes to our village. I say to them "Come to our village only if you can bring our children back. Otherwise you have come too late. Leave us to our grief and our fate. As you have done so ever since I can remember. And will continue to do so till we die. Nothing will change".

"We are told we are Indian. We are not. You all are Indians. We are the forgotten people. We do not want to be Indians. It was Indians who took our children. We do not want to be part of you".



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