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March 13, 2006 | 03:02 AM
Raviswamy asked me "But then where does the idea of "intuition" figure in all this ? - is it "hard wired" into our genetic code that there are just some things you have to put your trust in, and sort of "know" even if you've never experienced them directly ...??

The battle to 'find' your intuition and then allow it to engulf you so that you can live your life and work
'intuitively' is the greatest battle. It is at the heart of our search for consciousness. And I say 'find' deliberately. For it is there, always, omnipresent, but we have lost the ability too sense it. We have lost our ability to be with it.

People often ask me what I mean when I say my greatest need is to 'keep the child in me alive'. That child is intuition. In the everyday pulls and pushes of live, I try despeately not to let go of that child. And to allow that child to be present in what I do on a day to day basis, I have to :

Allow myself to be completely vulnerabe,
Not protect myself from the possibility of hurt, of anguish
Constantly throw my mind, my surroundings into Chaos, just so I can look beyond, into the world of Intuition.
Not be afraid of the darkness of not knowing, but revel in the lightness of seking the unexpected.
Throw caution to the winds.

I believe that over the years we train ourselves not to be intuitive. We lose the ability to allow intuition to overcome us. How do we get it back ? Be a child again.

Be playful,

So Raviswami, I believe we do 'sort of know' as you put it, and that 'sort of know' seems to me to be the way we tap into something much larger than our genetic code. Instinct is our way to tap into something much larger. Universal Consciousness.


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