Sunday, February 18, 2007

letting go

February 07, 2007 | 03:31 AM
letting go
It's when love turns to need. Its when love becomes more desire than nurture and caring. Its when love turns in into possesion and then into obsession. It's when you say 'you belong to me'. It's the beginings of ownership. It's the beginings of the end of love...

Do I stop loving you when you leave ? Do I stop loving you when you die ? If to leave someone you love is a deciet, then why is death not a deceit ? Just because the first has choice and the next does not ? Then we have to examine the questions of choice and og much deeper into what choices we do have,

Or get into ideas of Destiny and karmic influences that may rule who we meet, how we interact and what we do to each other.

Whether you believe that or not, can ownership ever be love ?


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